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Sojin Kim is an independent curator whose work focuses on art in public space.

Sojin Kim is an independent curator based in Vancouver, Canada. Kim obtained her BFA from Emily Carr University of Art and Design in 2013. Kim’s curatorial practice focuses on transnational identity and the formation of identity in relation to public spaces. Aside from curating, Kim works as an arts educator who educates children and youth about contemporary art. Kim's long term goal is to provide free, accessible education for the public.

Seminar on Sign Language and Audism
SeminarJuly 2019
VIVO Media Arts Centre2625 Kaslo St, Vancouver
The seminar discusses Sign Language and Deaf Culture in depth, acknowledging Sign Language as a cultural artifact and a powerful medium of communication. The objective of the seminar is to combat audism* by embracing and celebrating cultural diversity of Deaf Culture.

Despite the effort to break the communication barrier between the hearing paternalism and the Deafness Culture, there still exists cultural neglect, isolation from the hearing society. In this seminar, discussion about misguidance and oppression of Deaf Culture will take place as it is critical to question domination of power, identity subordination and inequality of the human rights that Deaf people experience on a daily basis. By criticizing and conversing on violence that Deaf citizens face, we hope to define Deaf identity and strengthen their voice.

The event is designed for artists, educators and cultural practitioners to explore Deaf culture through presentation and ASL (American Sign Language) class presented by Vincent Chauvet and Julie Martin.

This event is ASL interpreted . ASL interpreters are provided by WIDHH (Western Institute for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing).

*Discrimination towards the d/Deaf. Not to be confused with Autism.
Photo and Video credit: Byron Dauncy

Many thanks to the following individuals and organizations for their generous support of this project: VIVO Media Arts Centre, Bonchaz, East Village Bakery Jane Shin (신재경, 申才炅)Western Institute for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing The Korea Daily, Roz MacLean Art DEAF CULTURE CENTRE, Brick Press, Kurty Aydin, David Cho, Elisa Ferrari, Sonya Lee, Roz MacLean, Chris Shin, Lix Knox, Jayce Salloum, David Khang, Tamana S.H. Djuya, Mika Kim, Peggy & Karen Ng, MJ Hur, Nilusha Paroo, Hyung Min Yoon.