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Sojin Kim is an independent curator whose work focuses on art in public space.

Sojin Kim is an independent curator based in Vancouver, Canada. Kim obtained her BFA from Emily Carr University of Art and Design in 2013. Kim’s curatorial practice focuses on transnational identity and the formation of identity in relation to public spaces. Aside from curating, Kim works as an arts educator who educates children and youth about contemporary art. Kim's long term goal is to provide free, accessible education for the public.

(Re)discovering the City
In 2018, I participated in a public art workshop at the University of Berlin’s summer program, (Re)discovering the City where I performed and created public art with UdK students. These activities ranged from intentionally getting lost in the City, creating a drawing using a GPS device, taking a silent walk around the town, and creating public art using found objects or spaces.

The Golden Trash Gate (2018) is a miniature gate made out of cardboard boxes sourced from a city dumpster. Bottles were also installed a few feet away from the cardboard gate. Situated in a busy street in Berlin, the purpose of this public art was to interrupt the flow of the City and repurpose overlooked materials.